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Our Story in Human Services Software


The Mission of MediSked, LLC is to help provider agencies improve the quality of care, reduce costs, increase capacity and perform better in the event of an audit. A connected agency means better quality of care.



Our vision is to be synonymous with the future progress of human services software for home care and human service provider agencies across the country. We are focused on creating and delivering the category of comprehensive technology to the industry at large and helping to transform our customers into examples of the finest operational efficiencies and successes in improving the lives of the people they serve and further the cause of advocacy.



MediSked, LLC was born out of a partnership between provider agency management and proven success with software engineering. The founders of MediSked started the company as a research innovation at RIT in Rochester, NY back in 2003. What started out as an exhaustive search for an existing human service software solution specific for home and community based provider agencies, quickly turned into the creation of MediSked and its one of a kind software solution that manages the unique workflows and requirements of such agencies. With the collaboration of auditors, service coordinators, and state and local regulatory minds, MediSked was built with a keen understanding of the demands on provider agencies from all angles – client care, employee management, service coordination, compliance, etc. Throughout the years, MediSked has set the benchmark in the industry for a complete agency management platform. Our existence was created out of an unmet need to provider agencies and that dedication and unwavering support will always define who we are and what we do.