MediSked Person-Centered Portal

MediSked Person-Centered Portal

Person-Centered Portal : Compatible with MediSked Connect & MediSked Coordinate 

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The MediSked Person-Centered Portal is a secure and intuitive website that sits on top of the MediSked Connect Agency Management Platform and the MediSked Coordinate Care Management Platform to give individuals, their designees, family members, natural supports, physicians, clinicians, and other authorized users a secure look into their life –from anywhere in the world.

Agency Benefits:

  • Supports custom branding, with customization of logos and colors
  • Fully-integrated with MediSked Connect & MediSked Coordinate platforms
  • Simple access and authorization controls to manage portal user access
  • Extensible to support future integration with third party data feeds (e.g. Regional Health Information Organizations/RHIOs)

Individual Benefits:

  • Gives individuals more control over their supports, services, and staff
  • Gives individuals a better opportunity to live the life they want
  • Gives the individual’s circle of support high visibility into their life

It’s a central, web-based location with access to the following*:

  • Detailed Service Notes
    Individuals and authorized family members or members of their care team can view and approve or disapprove logged services, detailed service notes, and times for agency services, including self-directed services, residential services, day services, respite, community habilitation, and others.
  • A Secure Message Center
    Members of the integrated care team have the ability to send and receive messages via the intuitive on-site message center, thus improving communication.
  • The Individual’s Plan
    Individuals and their supports can always view the most updated listing of their service plan/care plan including any changes made and past copies. The simple interface allows the user to easily access a printer-friendly version of the plan.
  • Forms (MediSked Coordinate Portal Only)
    A place to store and share documents, forms, and other data that is relevant to the individual and their circle of supports.
  • Assessments 
    Individuals and their circle of supports can view and share their completed assessments.
  • Health
    Electronic health records that can be accessed by the individual and their care team, including their primary physician, specialists, therapists, etc.
  • Budgets (Coming Soon!)
    Store and share documents, forms, and data relevant to the individual and their circle of supports

*Each agency or individual can determine which sections of the portal are displayed and who has access



Evan Cooper photo by photosavvy on Flickr  /  Mary Delgado photo by Linda Carpenter