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Life’s WORC


Life’s WORC, based in Garden City, NY,  started as an organization dedicated to moving people out of institutional settings and into home and community based settings.  Today, Life’s WORC offers Autism Services, Behavior Intervention Services, Community Habilitation Services, Day Habilitation Services, and Residential Services – to name a few.  As the database administrator for Life’s WORC, Claudine Grant is focused on maximizing the user experience inside of Connect.  Claudine has taught staff the advantages to creating groups and filtering options in order to view information relevant to that particular user.  Through custom fields and query reports, her staff is empowered to view the clients and activity information in real time to better manage their programs.  Claudine has also created custom Connect manuals, specific to Life’s WORC’s processes and houses them in the Agency-Wide M Drive inside of Connect.  Learn more about Claudine’s efforts on making Connect a vital tool for all of the staff at Life’s WORC!

Listen in as we speak with Claudine Grant, Database Administrator at Life’s Work as she talks about her efforts mentioned above.


To learn more about Life’s WORC, please visit their website at http://www.lifesworc.org/