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Support Services

MediSked Support

MediSked Support provides next-level Customer Support and Troubleshooting Assistance. Our knowledgeable Support Professionals will work closely with your agency’s MediSked Administrators to resolve questions quickly and completely.

24/7 Online Resources

MediSked maintains a growing library of detailed Knowledge Base articles available for reference.

Our library of Video Tutorials cover topics that range from ‘Basic MediSked’ to advanced administrative functions. These tutorials will help your agency as you onboard new staff, and aid in the training of current employees.

The MediSked Manual is always available from the top bar of your MediSked Site.

Phone and Email Support

Engage MediSked Support by Phone or Email and receive quick, courteous and professional troubleshooting assistance from a MediSked Support Specialist.

Customer Advocacy

The MediSked Connect Platform is the product of our industry’s unique regulatory, organizational and workflow needs- and we depend on your feedback to improve. Because customer communication is so important to us, we hope you’ll participate in making the MediSked experience better through one of our customer-oriented communication channels:

The User Group Discussion Board is available 24/7 to ask questions, make suggestions, and communicate best practices from user-to-user, with involvement from the MediSked teams.

The development and product management teams rely heavily on feedback from those users that are using MediSked to provide high quality service to the individuals that they serve. We invite customers to join, provide feedback, and assist other users in providing the best quality of care, reducing costs, increasing capacity, and performing better in audits by using MediSked!

User Group Meetings are quarterly webinars where the MediSked community comes together to share ideas, best practices, and feedback. Members of the MediSked team take the opportunity to showcase your suggestions and demonstrate new and upcoming features. We encourage our customers to participate in the webinar, as well as recognize outstanding MediSked users.

If you would like to give a demonstration of a best-practice, or nominate someone who you think is has been instrumental in making MediSked a success for your agency, please email UserGroup@MediSked.com.  That person may be selected to win an award and showcase the improvements and successes that have been achieved!


Customer Service

Have a question? MediSked Support is here to help.

You can find video tutorials, hundreds of Knowledge Base articles, and the MediSked user manual in the Help Resources section at the top of your MediSked site.

Support Specialists are available by phone and email :


(866) 633 4753

Monday-Friday / 8:00 a.m – 5 p.m ET



Get a response within 24 hours


(866) 633 4753


MediSked LLC

850 University Ave

Rochester NY 14607


Feedback and Suggestions

Join our User Group Discussion Board and share ideas, suggestions and feedback with other MediSked users, or follow us on Twitter and stay up to date on feature releases, updates and new service offerings.

User Group Discussion Board:http://usergroup.medisked.com Twitter: @MediSked



MediSked DBA Services

A team of Microsoft Certified Database Administrator can be engaged for projects large or small, including analysis, manipulation, and data loading services for an agency.

Whether it is loading new clients after taking on a new program or removing duplicate entities, MediSked DBA Services is the answer to tasks that go beyond the standard use.