Resources for the Long Term Services and Supports Community

Training Services

The MediSked Training Organization provides valuable content to its users and educates users of all areas of an organization how to efficiently use all of the necessary functional areas of MediSked. The training packages offer a wide variety of learning styles to benefit the largest possible audience and the different ways they process new information. The online trainings are continuously updated to reflect the MediSked updates and feature enhancements.

– Embedded recorded trainings.

  • Included with all MediSked activations
  • 16 trainings available to all users who have access to MediSked

– Monthly Agency-Specific Online Trainings

  • Presented using either the agency’s site or the MediSked Training Site

– Monthly Topic-Specific Online Trainings

  • Twelve training topics covered over a one month time period

– Train the Trainer Program

  • Two day trainings for five attendees

– Topic-Specific Trainings

  • Online
  • Onsite

– Agency-Specific Trainings

  • Online
  • Onsite


Benefits of Training Packages

– Different options for different learning styles and budgets

– Flexibility and ease-of-use

– Closed captioning included on all updated online courses to aid deaf and hard of hearing audience members

– Online options increase efficiency for users – able to access trainings whenever is most convenient for them

– Option to request agency-specific trainings for a more in-depth look into specific issues and problem areas


Thank you for not only considering the needs of MediSked users who are deaf and hard-of-hearing, but for doing something that is really helpful.”

–Anonymous MediSked user, 5/13/2010