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User Group

MediSked holds quarterly webinar User Group Meetings to bring users from all of our customer agencies together. The purposes of these user group meetings are:

– Better communication of new features, services, and news from MediSked, LLC to users

– Forum for users at different agencies to meet and discuss best practices, showcase value-added use cases for features of MediSked

– Opportunity for users to suggest/request new features and service offerings

– Promote the exchange of ideas, information, and feedback

These meetings are all about you, the user, as your feedback is vital to us.


User Group Discussion Board
MediSked User GroupWe encourage our users to suggest new modules, features and enhancements to MediSked.

Our User Group Discussion Board is the mechanism to discuss and accomplish this.

The User Group Discussion Board is available 24/7 to ask questions, make suggestions, and communicate best practices from user to user, with involvement from the MediSked team.

MediSked users can access the User Group site by going to http://usergroup.medisked.com


Follow our User Group on Twitter @MediSkedUG