Transformation Experience


Transformation Experience

If you’re like most provider agencies, the thought of converting your agency and all of its documents, employees, clients, and services into a connected platform seems overwhelming, confusing and for some – met with skepticism. We get it. It’s a big deal and you need a company that has the experience, talent and success rate like we have at MediSked to ensure a successful transition. We call the transition from an antiquated, paper-based system to our online platform the Transformation Experience. It’s all about how we get you from where you are today with messy, stressful, binder filled offices to a streamlined operation with a renewed vigor on quality of care and agency excellence.

Every new customer is greeted by a seasoned, friendly project manager from our Premier Services organization. They are your guide – it is Premier’s number one goal to be with you every step of the way during the transformation process. During that process, Premier Services employs a Knowledge Transfer Coaching approach, which essentially trains the project members on the agency side to be MediSked Connect experts and instill in them the knowledge to train the rest of their staff.

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