Transformation Experience

Getting from “here to there”

MediSked TrainingHow do you get from here to there?

Probably the biggest question we get from agencies when they are looking at a comprehensive solution is just how do we convert our people and data from paper based systems to an electronic system? Good question. It’s probably the most important question you can ask and the method on how a vendor transitions agencies through this process is almost as vital as the product itself. In the end, it’s all about the people. No solution or software will work without people to run it correctly. Key elements that any agency needs to take into account when looking at using technology in a provider agency:

  • Total cost of ownership =

MediSked PremierSoftware + Equipment + People

  • Executive commitment and leadership is key
  • Staff buy-in is essential – make sure staff participates in the decision and has adequate equipment
  • Change management – an organizational process aimed at empowering employees to accept and embrace changes


At MediSked, we are all about people. The only effective way to transform agencies as self -sufficient users of an agency management platform is through a knowledge transfer process, also known as a “train the trainer” approach. Our Premier Services employs a Knowledge Transfer Coaching approach. This approach entails the following:

  • Involves “just in time” train the trainer sessions throughout the duration of the implementation
  • Transforms project team members into MediSked Subject Matter Experts
  • Prepares the project team to take ownership of MediSked and train remaining agency staff
  • Defines a seamless on-boarding process leveraging MediSked training documentation and agency specific manuals
  • Establishes best practices focused on reducing costs, increasing capacity, improving quality of care and performing well in the event of an audit