Transformation Experience


Premier Knowledge Transfer Coaching

Premier Knowledge Transfer Coaching (PKTC) is a service that comes standard with every new customer and it is the process in which our team of professionals engages with the customer project team and implements the MediSked platform. From the very outset of our company’s beginnings, we asked ourselves, how can we bridge the divide between technology and our customers? How can we be their advocate and ensure a comfortable and smooth transition? PKTC is our way of applying project management to this industry and making it work. We understand our clients and respect their dedication and time to those they serve. Our approach is very collaborative, personal, and carried out at the pace that the customer is comfortable with. At the end of the implementation process, your project team will be MediSked experts, completely capable of managing the system and training other employees. They will have also contributed to a complete technology implementation, which is a feat to be proud of no matter what industry you’re in!


Premier Knowledge Transfer Coaching is available for agencies that would like their own dedicated KTC to oversee the transformation of a blank MediSked database to a fully functional agency management platform. The following highlights what is included in this service offering:

  • A dedicated coach and assigned MediSked project team resources, proven implementation methodology
  • Rhythm meetings, tasks, workshops, data load, and development of processes and best practices with agency
  • Online meetings to assist in the set up of MediSked Connect
  • Client / Employee data load
  • Many in-depth, interactive demonstrations on how to configure the system
  • Establishes best practices from the beginning to help reduce costs, improve quality of care and provide easily accessible information to perform flawlessly in an audit


Your Premier Knowledge Transfer Coach is responsible for coordinating meetings, trainings, and administration of tasks necessary to transfer knowledge as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The Premier Knowledge Transfer Coach transfers skills (such as adding new services, programs, and configuration options) to be able to keep MediSked up to date after Go – Live.

This process gives the project team full ownership over your MediSked configuration.