Transformation Experience

Improve the Quality of Lives

The best feedback we hear from our customers after they go through our Premier process is the amount of new focus they are able to generate regarding the quality of care that they are providing. You might be asking yourself, how will using MediSked transform our agency to focus more on delivering the highest quality of care? Here are a few of the most common things we hear and have seen from our customers:

  • Once implemented, every individual’s goal plan is live in the system and can be tracked. This means you can see the frequency with which each task is worked on with an individual and track their progress in achieving their goals. Make course corrections along the way as you have unparalleled access into the achievement of goal plans.
  • In our system, service notes are linked with the individual’s goal plan. This means that field staff can see how their tasks relate to their goal plan every time they work with an individual. It keeps them on target for the types of activities they should be working on and gives the staff a sense of the bigger picture as to how their work has a huge impact on the goals of the individuals they serve.
  • It’s a fact that MediSked will dramatically reduce the amount of paperwork and document tracking that goes on in an agency. It practically eliminates it completely. Your employees will no longer spend time tracking down binders or filling out stacks of paperwork and can actually focus more time on the care of the individuals.


Case Study Example


Some of the biggest clinical challenges facing providers exist around the ability to ensure that progress on goals and activities (outlined in service plans) is made each day. In addition, providing access to service documentation and care plans is often a challenge. MediSked makes it easy to improve quality of care by empowering providers with access to information on the individuals they serve.

Results with MediSked:

MediSked users have unsurpassed plan utilization reporting capabilities, as service notes can be searched and linked directly to care plans. Case managers, service facilitators, home health aides, and client advocates know on a daily basis which ADL’s goals or services are on track with approved plans. The power of rich, detailed, up to date documentation at the fingertips of authorized individuals ensures the highest levels of quality care for clients.

In the customer’s words:

Using MediSked has allowed me the opportunity to get out from behind my desk and get out in the field, delivering care to all of our clients, including my daughter!”

~Barb F., Program Director of a habilitative and rehabilitative agency

This customer uses MediSked for the following programs:

  • Nursing
  • Community 1:1 Services
  • Case Management
  • Employment Services
  • Respite Services
  • Residential Services
  • Day Services
  • Transportation