Transformation Experience

Return on Investment

In order to invest in a system in which “transformation” is used to describe how it will affect your agency, you have to be certain of the costs and the benefits. We are very transparent with the investment cost both short term and long term as well as the areas that will save you expenses and grow your revenues. Our model is one that does not charge per user or have any hidden fees. It’s upfront and clear so that you know exactly how much you’re paying. But money is not the only resource that it takes. You need your people’s time to learn and use the system properly. Most of our customers find that within the first year, the investment in MediSked has paid for itself.  With most web based agency management systems, you can expect an upfront cost as well as a monthly subscription fee.

The most common ways provider agencies achieve decreased expenses and greater revenue comes from the following areas:

  • Administrative staff and costs can remain the same as the number of people served grows. Because our platform streamlines the agency operations, increasing capacity does not equate to having to increase administrative staff. Your admin staff will have much more capacity and our system grows with you, you will never outgrow MediSked.
  • As your capacity grows so does your revenue opportunity. The proportion of administrative staff to individuals served decreases allowing for better return on revenue for each individual.
  • Unbilled or unpaid claims virtually disappear. Becoming fully utilized on Medicaid reimbursements is a huge benefit to MediSked. Because our platform tracks service provision every step of the way, you are guaranteed to have clean audit proof claims that get sent through our billing module. In the billing module, claims get sent electronically which shortens the time your payer receives your payment. By being able to track the claim at every stage, if there ever is a problem, you will get instant notification on a rejection and track the claim back in the system to get it approved.
  • Clean audits mean no fines. Our platform was created on a workflow that ensures service provision; notation and billing are all audit proof along the way. You have one click access to provide any documentation at any time through the use of MediSked.


Case Study


A mid-sized human service provider agency started using MediSked in 2007. Like most agencies, this agency was interested in reducing scheduling conflicts, decreasing non-billable shifts, and eliminating the challenges of matching billable service notes with employee timesheets. This agency researched software solutions and chose MediSked as it distinctly matched their needs and requirements.

Results with MediSked:

By effectively scheduling qualified and available staff only with approved clients, MediSked immediately reduced payroll overages by linking payroll hours to billable services. This agency has eliminated the occurrence of extra staff arriving onsite to provide service, only to find out they were double booked. MediSked has helped this agency to reduce payroll costs with comprehensive conflict free scheduling!


Statistical analysis of current MediSked customers shows an average of 47% increase in revenue. All this with an average increase in administrative staff of only 1%!


In the customer’s words:

Since we began using MediSked [5] years ago, our instances of missed appointments due to scheduling errors has dropped 100%.”

~Tracy M., Program Director of a human service provider agency


This customer uses MediSked for the following programs:

  • Nursing
  • Community 1:1 Services
  • Case Management
  • Respite Services
  • Residential Services
  • Day Services