Integration and Analytics

Let MediSked help you make the most of your data

Our Approach

Access the Full Picture

Bring together data from multiple sources to drive efficiencies, improve outcomes, and enhance cost efficacy

Bring Information Together

Centralize and aggregate data from disparate sources across the continuum of care to:

• Visualize data to derive actionable insights
• Extract and transform data in real-time
• Determine predictive analytics
• Identify intervention methods
• Identify trends and opportunities for improvement

Integration Types and Experiences

We can integrate with virtually anyone, including:

• Pharmacies
• Payers
• State Oversight Organizations
• Third Party Administrators
• Provider Agencies


Envision the Future

Our interface experts will work with you to identify current challenges, gaps, opportunities, and requirements and propose recommendations for integrated solutions

Integrate Systems

We will create and develop interfaces to bring together data from disparate internal and external resources to aggregate your data in one secure location

Generate Efficiencies

Enjoy easier access to the full spectrum of information so your staff can spend less time entering data and get a more comprehensive view of the individuals they support

You Have the Data - Now What?

Evaluate your data to identify trends and opportunities for improvement to drive efficiencies, improve outcomes, and enhance cost efficacy

Get to the Next Level

Our reporting specialists will help you determine the necessary reports to field the metrics you need, including measures for value-based purchasing, data registry, quality reporting, and more.

In addition to our comprehensive catalog of standard reports, our experts will build out custom reports that are tailored to your workflows and processes to fit your business needs.

Example Analytics Packages

Generate insights for:
• Preventative screening measures
• Utilization measures
• Performance measures
• Planning reports
• Assessment reports
• Utilization measures


Analyze Data

Get the business intelligence tools you need to examine aggregated population data by cohort and other dimensions across your enterprise

Derive Insights

Get a new view of your organization and develop understanding and awareness by identifying trends during your analytics process

Improve Outcomes

Make data-driven decisions to update processes and provide better quality of life, improve health and safety, and increase cost-efficacy.

Bring Data Together and Turn it Into Actionable Insights

Learn how our integration and analytics consulting experts can help
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