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Fact Sheet

Managed Care Q&A with ANCOR And MediSked

As an increasing number of states transition individuals with I/DD to managed care, agencies are faced with additional complexities to work with MCOs, including new billing systems, requirements and expectations. This report answers 10 important questions about managed care from Doug Golub, MediSked President, and Kim Opsahl, ANCOR Director of State Partnerships and Special Projects. […]

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Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet: Top Questions Providers Ask Us

MediSked has been supporting human services agencies across the country since 2003. We’ve compiled a fast sheet with quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from provider agencies considering our MediSked Connect platform. For example: How does pricing work? How long does it take to set up? What are the […]

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Fact Sheet

Conflict-Free Case Management Solutions Brief

Federal and state governments are creating statutes to move away from institutional care and increase the delivery of home and community based services. This change is frequently accompanied by restructuring of organizations to prevent conflicts of interest. Our new brief provides an overview of conflict-free case management, including: Statutory history and requirements Potential challenges to be […]

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