New York I/DD CCOs, Powered by MediSked Technology Solutions, to Deliver Health Home Care Management

New York State’s seven Care Coordination Organizations (CCOs) for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities will begin providing health home care management services on July 1, 2018. All seven CCOs have selected MediSked’s Care Coordination Suite to support over 100,000 lives across the state.

New York commenced a multi-year Medicaid Redesign Initiative in 2011 to restructure the state’s waiver programs to optimize enrollment, improve quality, and reduce costs. As part of the Medicaid Redesign, New York is undergoing a landmark transformation of the 1915 (c) waiver with the largest HCBS expenditures in the country, as the state transitions individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) to the New York 1115 Medicaid Waiver. The July 1 milestone will shift Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) from provider organizations to the seven regional CCOs, new legal entities that were formed by current providers of developmental disability services. The initiative, referred to as “People First Care Coordination,” is being led by The New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) and Department of Health (DOH). Under the new program, individuals will receive an enhanced service offering to promote a truly person-centered model of care and provide more integrated and comprehensive care across the full scope of services, including all home and community based services (HCBS) as well as medical, mental, wellness, and behavioral health services.

“The CCO transition demands new techniques for defining and measuring quality, enhanced transparency for those receiving supports, and a more efficient work flow to assist MSCs as they transform into Care Managers,” said Jay Nagy, CEO of Advance Care Alliance of NY, one of the seven CCOs designated by New York State. “We are fortunate to have the partnership of MediSked—a care management platform developed by and for providers—to support the CCOs as we embark on such a monumental undertaking.”

The seven regional CCOs include Advance Care Alliance, Care Design, LIFEPlan, Person-Centered Services, Prime Care, Southern Tier Connect, and Tri-County Care. Each of the emerging organizations engaged with MediSked in 2017 to provide consulting services as they underwent the intensive designation process, and have selected MediSked, LLC to provide technology solutions and professional services to support ongoing operations.

“It’s an exciting time in New York. MediSked’s Care Coordination Suite will support the important work being done – these platforms will allow us to better understand our populations and truly transform care coordination for individuals with I/DD across the state,” said Tracy Boff, CEO of Prime Care Coordination.

MediSked’s Care Coordination Suite is the only solution that has proven experience in fulfilling the requirements of these groundbreaking transitions. MediSked Coordinate – Care Management Platform was released in 2013 and has been deployed across the United States. In 2014, MediSked also deployed this solution to meet the care coordination, interoperability, and business intelligence needs for Partners Health Plan (PHP), the only Fully Integrated Duals Advantage for Individuals with I/DD in the United States.

MediSked’s Care Coordination Suite includes:

  • MediSked Coordinate – Care Management Platform, a dedicated platform for managing service coordination and delivery. MediSked Coordinate supports the varied requirements of OPWDD’s Health Home Care Management, including the management of the Life Plan, a comprehensive, personalized plan that reflects an individual’s goals and needs and coordinates all of their services and supports in one place. Coordinate also provides interactive tools for monitoring health, wellness, outcomes, and transitions using integrated assessment, care planning, and quality management and workflows that drive consistent, timely, and compliant care delivery.
  • IAM Assessment, a fully integrated, person-centered assessment utilized to synchronize goals, actions, health and safety requirements, preferences, and supportive routines. IAM’s mobile capabilities support care managers in the field, and seamlessly integrates with MediSked Coordinate to dynamically populate each individual’s Life Plan.
  • MediSked Portal – Person-Centered Portal, an interactive web portal designed to empower individuals and promote collaboration and choice. MediSked Portal is tailored specifically for the individual, their circle of supports, and their interdisciplinary care team, providing real-time access for users to view and share information.
  • MediSked Connect Exchange – Multi-Agency Business Intelligence Platform, a powerful data warehouse and analytics and reporting engine. MediSked Connect Exchange is unique in its ability to integrate disparate systems, expanding the breadth of available data used to power traditional care coordination tools and workflows. Leveraging the platform’s powerful business intelligence engine, CCOs will be able to better identify trends and support individuals and populations, driving improvements to quality, performance, and outcomes.

“These state-of-the-art solutions will drive operational efficiencies and promote person-centered processes that will allow the CCOs to focus more on improving quality and outcomes across the lifespan and supporting and empowering the lives of the individuals they support,” said Doug Golub, president of MediSked.