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How do you describe what Connect Agency Management Platform is and does?

There are so many software products targeted for specific purposes in this industry, it’s hard to understand and keep track of what they all actually do. “If I go with one system, will I still need to use other systems in tandem?” “We bought this system to handle one function and we think it can do more, but we don’t know what it can and can’t do.” These are comments we hear from provider agencies that are wading through the massive amount of disconnected software products on the market.  The services that you are providing now can be centralized and managed through Connect. By consolidating this information, you will be reducing duplicate keypunching, human errors and bad data. Connecting data and systems in a real-time platform will lead to reduced costs, easier maintenance and safeguards, as well as turn your agency into an industry leader integrating best practices and the latest technologies.

To make an informed decision about investing in a technology that will be your digital agency, you need to know what’s inside – what an agency management platform contains and doesn’t contain. We’ve made it as simple as reading the ingredients of a cereal box, because you shouldn’t have to have a degree in Computer Science to know what you’re buying! Below is how Connect is defined as an agency management platform:

    • Everyone uses it. It connects all departments and employees and creates efficiency in every corner of your agency. It is your whole agency, on-line and optimized.
    • Client Care Centric. Centered around managing all aspects of the care or goal plan and the schedule of services, locations and employees necessary to deliver the best quality care. It is optimized for provider agencies that offer community or 1:1 services, employment services, day habilitation services, residential services and case management services.
    • Built in workflows and document tracking. Ensures compliance and proactive management of documentation at each step. From service notes to claims.
    • Billing Claim Lifecycle Management. From pre-claim reports, to submitting claims to our list of over 800 payers, to rebilling, voiding, and reconciling claims; it can all be managed with a click of a button.
    • Living System with ongoing updates and built in compliance packs that change seamlessly when federal, state and local regulations change.
    • Real time reporting for 360° agency intelligence.
    • Integrated HR Management. Training, Payroll tracking, collaborative messaging, remote timekeeping with telephony & mobile phone.