Care Coordination & Payers

Transform Care Management

Save time, improve communication, and promote organization.

Integrated Assessments
& Planning

Use data from integrated assessments to populate plans. Centralized plan tracking and plan team collaboration tools. Tasks, activities and workflows to improve care manager efficiency.

Advanced Analytics
& Reporting

Improve population health with insights gained from quality and performance measures. Assess and enhance quality using a variety of standard, self-service, and custom reports.

Security &

Interact with critical information securely while maintaining HIPAA-compliant privacy standards and meeting security expectations for various user roles.  

Discover Why Care Coordination & Payers Choose MediSked

Ease the Transition to Managed Care

The MediSked Care Coordination Suite gives care managers visibility into day-to-day activities and workflows. Centralize care coordination activities from assessments and planning through reporting and population health tracking.
  • Track and manage services, providers, and locations utilized by individuals.
  • Manage user roles with highly configurable permissions to keep PHI secure.
  • Store data in a secure, HIPAA-compliant data warehouse.
  • Design, save, and share interactive reports and dashboards. Join and query datasets, apply filter logic, and create visual analyses for tailored insights.
  • Information Sharing between authorized providers and third-party users based on role settings.
  • Standard, self-service, and custom reports enable insights into day-to-day activities, workload management, quality and performance measures, and enrollment management.
  • Set user-selected or role-based alerts for tasks, activities, and important updates!
HITRUST CSF Certified logo, black and red

The MediSked Care Coordination Suite comprised of MediSked Coordinate, MediSked Connect Exchange and MediSked Portal hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) has earned Certified status for information security by HITRUST.

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Founded in 1995, MHPA is the leading national trade organization focusing solely on the interests of the Medicaid managed care industry. MHPA’s members include over 130 health plans, known as managed care organizations (MCOs), that serve over 40 million Medicaid enrollees in 40 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Illustration of a care manager holding a tablet conducting an assessment with an individual and his mother. Individual is sitting on the couch talking to the care manager, with his mother sitting next to him.

Did You Know?

Our unique Survey Module allows users to respond to customized assessments and review and analyze responses. Initiate surveys from a variety of available templates with survey logic and reportable answers.

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