Health & Human Services Compliance

Interact with critical information securely while maintaining HIPAA-compliant privacy standards and meeting security expectations for various user roles. MediSked ensures that your organization’s sensitive information is protected in our secure platforms.

The Highest Security & Compliance Standards in the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Industry

Secure Data Cloud

Meet Organizational and Regulatory Standards with MediSked’s Compliance Team

MediSked’s clients routinely collaborate with our internal Compliance professionals on the latest regulatory requirements and guidance, to promote consistent compliance and industry expertise. Our legal experts monitor state and federal regulatory updates and industry trends to assist clients in remaining ahead of regulatory requirements.

Secure Information Sharing Between Authorized Providers and Third-Party Users

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MediSked Connect integrates with multiple payers and aggregators, allowing Providers to send data to a payer or a third-party directly from the platform.

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MediSked Connect Exchange offers support for third-party integrations, enabling government and oversight agencies, care coordination organizations, and payers to integrate data from other systems for analysis, reporting, and sharing.

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MediSked Coordinate offers consent management, providing a centralized place to view permissions the individual has provided. Third-Party integrations with Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs) and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) eliminate the risk of insecure communication methods such as email or paper.

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MediSked Portal allows the individual to make specific decisions about who can view and act on their behalf. Circles of Support are engaged and have access determined by the individual.

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