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Centralize Data, Reporting, and Quality Measurement

Reporting & analytics, population health tracking, survey module, and record management in a central location that provides integrations and data warehouse capabilities.

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  • Self-Service Reporting Tool
  • Reporting Based on Care Plans
  • Assessment-Based Reports
  • Report on Quality Measures
  • Share and Export Reports
  • Geographic Visualizations
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Population Tracking & Quality Measures

  • Set Quality Benchmarks & Targets from a Wide Spectrum of Measures
  • Identify Gaps in Care
  • View Year-Over-Year Data and Forecast Trends
  • Filter Reports Based on Risk Stratification
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Data Warehouse & Integrations

  • Standards-Based Interoperability
  • Supports Third-Party Integrations
  • Create Data Sets for Ad-Hoc Reports
  • Easy Access to Data
  • Monitor Interfaces

Discover Why Organizations Choose Connect Exchange

Robust Reporting & Data Warehouse

MediSked Connect Exchange syncs and manages information into a single, manageable source to better monitor performance. This interoperable tool was created with data transparency in mind. You’ll increase visibility and simplify oversight with multi-agency and enterprise capabilities to share data across organizations in a single platform.

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Your Population At a Glance in MediSked Connect Exchange
  • Secure, Cloud-Based Storage: Reduce your infrastructure investments and know your data is stored in a secure, HIPAA-compliant data warehouse.
  • Enhance Quality & Compliance: Real-time quality measure reporting identifies progress to date, forecasted values, and recommended individuals to engage to maximize outcomes.
  • Comprehensive Report Builder: Design, save, and share interactive reports and dashboards. Join and query datasets, apply filter logic, and create visual analyses for tailored insights.
  • Improve Quality of Care: Share insights with authorized providers directly within the platform, curate dashboards, and allow third-party users to access specific information most relevant to those they support.

Easily Collect, Act, and Report on Data Through MediSked’s Integrated Survey Module

MediSked offers a survey module that easily integrates into our platforms like Connect Exchange to collect, ingest, and report on data from a variety of survey types. Read more about it in our blog.

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