Easily Collect, Act, and Report on Data Through MediSked’s New Integrated Survey Module

MediSked's New Survey Module with MediSked Connect Exchange Product Manager Diedra Kirk

We recently introduced a new module that easily integrates into MediSked platforms to collect, ingest, and report on data from a variety of survey types. The immediate use case for an integrated survey module was obvious — assessments. Assessments are the cornerstone of person-centered activities across the range of clients MediSked supports in government and oversight, care coordination and payer, as well the provider agency industry for home and community based services.

The new survey module can easily be configured to process intake and eligibility assessments, plan assessments, level of need assessments, clinical assessments, and more. Beyond these examples, the module can help with ad-hoc surveys such as pandemic response information or client satisfaction surveys that an organization may want to track and act on within their platforms.

MediSked’s survey module offers a secure login experience for as many users as needed to complete as many surveys as needed through a single platform sign-on. Organizations can incorporate industry-standard surveys or develop their own. Terminology can be configured by the organization to create consistency with their workflows and processes. Surveys are easy to configure and flexible, offering options for question logic, required questions, sectioning, and branching.

Since this is an integrated solution, organizations can set up workflows or trigger actions in their MediSked platform based on completed surveys/assessments. Organizations will gain significant efficiency when the data from their survey is auto-populated into their platform as designed during configuration. Information such as demographics can be pulled in easily to create records or add to existing records in the platform. Data from the survey module is all reportable with filtering options and graphics, plus exports to Excel are available.

In the past, surveys and assessments in associated MediSked platforms had been individually developed and then configured during implementation. This new module represents a significant enhancement. During implementation, organizations will be able to select from industry standards or easy-to-design custom options to configure their assessments and surveys with less work and more functionality.

The first MediSked client to take advantage of the new integrated survey module is CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership, who recently partnered with MediSked to implement an extensive upgrade to their PORTAL Data System. PORTAL is used to collect and administer data from CQL’s internationally recognized tools: Personal Outcome Measures® and Basic Assurances®.

We’re pretty excited to be taking this step forward with a module that will address what so many clients across the long-term services and supports industry need today. If you want to learn more or see the survey module in action, request a demo today!

Diedra Kirk

Diedra Kirk

Diedra Kirk, MediSked Connect Exchange Product Manager, joined MediSked last year with nearly 20 years of product management experience. Diedra’s primary focus at MediSked is providing our clients a centralized data, reporting, and quality measurement solution.

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