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A Secure Platform for Individual and Team Collaboration

Person-centered platform for individuals and their circles of support to collaborate and communicate, delivering critical information across teams.

Illustration of a young individual with an adult mentor. They are seated at a table, looking at a tablet.

Person-Centered Plans

  • View Active Plans
  • Review, Approve, & Acknowledge Plans
  • Decline or Request Changes to Plans
  • View Comprehensive Emergency Plan
  • HIPAA Compliant Notifications for Plans Ready for Review
Illustration of a care manager holding a tablet conducting an assessment with an individual and his mother. Individual is sitting on the couch talking to the care manager, with his mother sitting next to him.

Documents, Forms, & Assessments

  • Initiate Documents & Forms
  • Assign Documents & Forms To Be Completed
  • View Completed Documents & Forms
  • Upload Documentation
  • View Read-Only Versions of Completed Assessments
  • Sort Assessments by Start/End Date
Illustration of a group of six people celebrating, some with assistive devices, and some have medals. One is waving.

Access Management

  • Set Unique User Roles for Every Member of the Circle of Support
  • Limit PHI by User Roles & Restrict Protected Data Categories
  • Multi-Individual Access for Providers, Auditors, & Contacts
  • Multi-Factor Authentication, CAPTCHA, Secret Picture, & Session Timer

Discover Why Organizations Choose MediSked Portal

Increase Visibility & Access For Interdisciplinary Care Teams

MediSked Portal with Coordinate delivers a person-centered solution for a variety of users to interact with critical information securely. Planning and communication tools make it easy to for the interdisciplinary care team to interact with the circles of support while maintaining HIPAA-compliant privacy standards and meeting security expectations to protect information like diagnoses, medications, charts, and notes with access determined by the individual. Plans can be viewed, approved, changes requested, or declined right from the Portal.

  • Periodic Summaries: View updates from Providers and others with access, and view a list of individual goals as well as previous summaries.
  • Message Center: View Message Board in Portal and post messages to the care team.
  • Health Profile: Deliver summary health documents from third party systems.
  • Library of Materials: Upload resources such as brochures, PDFs, and other organization-specific materials for all of your organization’s Portal users to access.
  • Accessibility: Optimized for screen readers and accessibility standards.

Did You Know?

Providers, Auditors, or Contacts can login to the Portal and see multiple individuals’ information, providing a unified login for people who are supporting more than one person receiving services at the organization.

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