Health & Human Services Reporting Solutions

Generate Insights for Managed Care

Support care management activities and amplify oversight with robust reporting tools:

  • Standard, self-service, and custom reports enable insights into day-to-day activities, workload management, quality and performance measures, and enrollment management.

  • Design, save, and share interactive reports and dashboards. Join and query datasets, apply filter logic, and create visual analyses for tailored insights.

  • Caseload capability reporting ensures that caseloads are appropriately balanced across care managers, driving efficiency and eliminating worker burnout.

  • Financial trends allow organizations to make adjustments to implement cost efficiencies.

  • Reports on progress towards goals provide visibility into what is or is not occurring with individuals to target improvements and changes.
Tablet Data

MediSked’s reporting tools enable care coordination organizations, payers, and government oversight organizations to identify specific Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) and make interventions to improve lives. Use MediSked’s reporting solutions to ensure that your organization is compliant with regulatory standards and improve outcomes by providing care managers and supervisors with insights into the delivery of services.

Uncover Valuable Insights for Provider Agencies

Monitor quality compliance and performance with quantitative reporting. Use standard and available ad-hoc reports to gain valuable insights, track quality outcomes, and make data-driven decisions.

MediSked Connect allows providers to generate reports for immunizations, electronic visit verification (EVV), expenses, services, claims, contacts, and more.

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