Provider Agencies

Gain Efficiencies Delivering Person-Centered Services

Streamline administration with centralized records at your fingertips and user-friendly planning and billing modules.

Streamline Billing & Claims

Mass-submit claims electronically, make adjustments and track payments easily. Utilize prior approvals and authorizations to help with auditing. 

Enhanced Service

Monitor quality compliance and performance with quantitative reporting, customizable documentation, and our advanced notification center. View plans and daily notes to track task completion.

Integrated EVV &
Mobile Lite Site

Comply with the 21st Century Cures Act using our fully integrated mobile solution, ensuring that direct support professionals can check-in and check-out with ease.

Discover Why Provider Agencies Choose MediSked

Centralize and Manage Information Across Your Agency

Create efficiencies while maintaining a person-centered approach to services and supports.

  • Simplified scheduling and documentation so staff can focus their efforts where they belong.
  • Understand, manage and update plans to ensure that services, locations, and employees are all accurately recorded while reflecting the goals of the individual.
  • Customizable workflow with alerts, notifications, and reminders that align with your agency’s needs.
  • Mobile capabilities to enter notes, check-in/check-out, view plans and emergency contact information, and more.
  • Track and manage budgets easily with tools to review utilization, forecast costs, and review client allocations.
  • Generate and submit electronic claims in a secure 837 format to payers, receive remittance in 835 format to track payments, tools to generate invoices, track claims submissions, and make adjustments.
  • Use standard and available ad-hoc reports to gain valuable insights, track quality outcomes, and make data-driven decisions.

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