Medicaid Waivers

MediSked offers end-to-end software solutions for organizations serving individuals on Medicaid waivers.

A leader in waiver management and integrated technology solutions, MediSked serves provider organizations, care coordination/case management entities, payers, and government agencies. We offer a full-featured software ecosystem of platforms designed for agencies serving individuals on Medicaid waivers and waiver wait lists.

Our technology solutions place people at the center, with user-friendly tools that allow individuals receiving services and those supporting them access to the information they need to craft and deliver high quality and compliant care.

As a company, MediSked focuses on building software that enables technologies and business processes that encourage interoperability, software reusability, and integration with external data sources, such as clinical data or MMIS sources.

Waiver & Wait List Management

Seniors average 64 months on Section 1915c waiver wait lists. With increased efficiencies and cost savings, organizations can reduce that time. MediSked offers waiver management functionality that can support multiple waivers at a time and can be configured to reflect the unique rules for entry onto a waiver in any particular state.

Illustration in MediSked brand colors with 4 individuals at a table having a meal.

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