Population Health Management

Generate extensive analytics to identify opportunities that improve individual and population-level outcomes. Improve population health with insights gained from quality and performance measures. Assess and enhance quality using a variety of standard, self-service, and custom reports.

Coordinating Population Health Management Solutions

MediSked offers a full-featured, modular software ecosystem for agencies in the health and human services field. MediSked’s population health management offering is distinctive from others in that we are one of the few premier technology vendors that has in-depth experience in supporting statewide Medicaid transformation built on the foundation of the federal Health Home State Plan option.

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See Our Population Health Management Solution In Action

Enabling Population Health Management Strategies from MediSked Connect Exchange

MediSked Connect Exchange functions as a population health management platform. At its core, it is a platform-agnostic interface engine, a data repository, and a business intelligence platform. Connect Exchange enables organizations to receive and exchange data with the necessary external entities, including Health Homes, providers, payers, health information exchanges, and state health plan records systems, and warehouse the data to make it available for population health management. MediSked has significant experience in working with clients and trading partners to design and maintain a variety of interfaces, along with reporting engineers to help clients make the most of their data.

How MediSked Connect Exchange Moves Population Health Management Forward and Improves Outcomes

With Connect Exchange, the required critical information for population health management, such as comprehensive member data, member outcomes, claims data, provider data, assessments, and risk stratification information, will be available for advanced reporting and monitoring, allowing your organization to monitor member outcomes, risk, utilization, and change over time. Connect Exchange also offers configurable provider-level access so that oversight agencies can give providers access to information and reporting on their members, and help drive improvements in services and monitoring. Ultimately, MediSked’s population health management solution is designed to provide the user-friendly tools you need to monitor quality and cost of services, proactively improve care and member outcomes, and exchange data to promote interoperability and seamlessly link your organization and partners to actionable data to drive efficient population health management.