Person-Centered Assessments and Planning

Assessments & Planning Software for Care Managers

The assessment is the cornerstone of person-centered planning and MediSked streamlines the process by pulling the data to pre-populate the plan, making updates effortless.

Improve efficiency for care managers with MediSked’s person-centered planning and assessment tools:

  • Customize assessments, incorporating industry-standard tools.
  • Pre-populate individual service plans with goals & objectives based on data from integrated assessments. 
  • Track plan dates, statuses, approvals, and plan team meeting tasks in a central location. 
  • Configure tasks, activities, and workflows to save time for care managers, allowing them to spend more time improving the lives of individuals.
Illustration of a care manager holding a tablet conducting an assessment with an individual and his mother. Individual is sitting on the couch talking to the care manager, with his mother sitting next to him.

See Our Assessments & Planning Solutions In Action

Person-Centered Planning Solutions for Provider Agencies

Track progress against goals and milestones with MediSked Connect. Understand, manage and update plans to ensure that services, locations, and employees are all accurately recorded while reflecting the goals of the individual.

Plan Management Features for Provider Agencies:

  • Write person-centered plans based on plan templates available in MediSked Connect.
  • Customize plans per service and create plan periods.
  • Easily reference plans from multiple places throughout the platform.
  • View plan statistics, progress within the plan, goals for sub plans, and a daily run-down of services delivered.
  • View the progress of the individual on their plan outcomes.
  • Monitor which plans are coming due to proactively ensure that all individuals have up-to-date plans.
  • Ensure that services cannot exceed the amount authorized by prior approvals and authorizations. 
  • Integrate with MediSked Portal for Connect, empowering the individual’s choice, voice, and communications.