How Partners Health Plan Uses MediSked Solutions to Improve the Lives of Their Members

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Partners Health Plan (PHP) uses MediSked’s Care Coordination Suite to record data, examine trends, and ensure compliance. In this blog, PHP’s Karleen Haines shares how MediSked has helped Plan members achieve their goals of wellness, best health, and personal growth.

Partners Health Plan (PHP) is New York State’s first managed care plan exclusively dedicated to serving persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). PHP’s “Care Complete” is a voluntary enrollment plan, open to Medicare and Medicaid recipients with IDD in the New York City metropolitan area. Members are covered for all medical and behavioral health services, durable medical equipment, and pharmacy needs, as well as any IDD program services. Members receive a two-person care coordination team that can include a licensed nurse or social worker.

MediSked provided us with the IT platform and tools required to accomplish our vision of helping our members achieve their life goals, improve their personal health, and fully participate in their communities. Since going live with MediSked in 2016, we have grown and pushed forward with our mission of being committed to person-centered care planning and assisting our members in accessing the highest quality healthcare. We strive to promote good health and wellness practices, improve quality of life, and support each member to live the life they choose.

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Partners Health Plan Members

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It is through our collaboration with MediSked that we have been able to centralize and utilize data from various sources, like the state’s regional health information organizations (RHIOs) and NYS OPWDD CHOICES, the state’s developmental disability eligibility and determination system, to assist our members to achieve their goals and maintain their best possible health while keeping them at the center of their plan. A managed care approach for the IDD field relies on supporting our members comprehensively—not only addressing their healthcare needs, but also working together to explore and implement all avenues of support that they may require. This unique method required a technology solution designed to meet the challenge. MediSked’s system supports better coordination and less fragmented service. This allows for a holistic approach, providing a place where all supports, services, and healthcare data can be utilized collaboratively to develop a truly person-centered plan.

The MediSked Care Coordination suite allows us to integrate data from various sources and from multiple members of the interdisciplinary team (IDT) to record data, examine trends, and ensure compliance. Having the ability to support our members with personal, life, and healthcare goals in one place has allowed the wider IDT to collaborate in support of our members. From our Care Managers and Clinical Team Leaders to our Chief Medical Officer and Chief of Quality Initiatives, we can truly say that a holistic approach is being taken. The ability to track personal or social goals alongside hospital admissions, discharges, and medication therapy gives us a unique insight into how we can best support our members. Identifying key personal goals of our members and then having the ability to connect them with supports, services, and healthcare is a key factor in our approach to support each of our members to achieve the best outcomes from each aspect of life. This has only been possible through our continued collaboration and ongoing development together with MediSked.  

Karleen Haines

Karleen Haines, MPS – Partners Health Plan

Karleen Haines is the Chief of Community Relations and Outreach at Partners Health Plan (PHP). Karleen has 23 years of experience in the field of developmental disabilities. Prior to joining PHP in December 2014, she was Director of Vocational and Employment services at NYSARC’s Nassau chapter, supporting over 500 adults through programs such as day habilitation, supported employment, and pre-vocational. She was instrumental in developing and growing affirmative business models that support work for adults with disabilities. Karleen has served on Education and Workforce Development Committees for NYSACRA and the Long Island Alliance, was a certified OPWDD SCIP-R instructor, Diversity in the Workplace facilitator, and an adjunct faculty at Nassau Community College – teaching an IDD studies course. Ms. Haines recently transitioned into the role of Community Relations Chief after serving as PHP’s Chief of Care Coordination. She is a licensed Health Agent in the state of New York and holds a BA in Psychology and an MPS in Management from Stonybrook University.

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