Mental Health in Older Americans

Mental Health in Older Americans

In the midst of a mental health crisis among aging Americans, the number of Americans aged 65+ is projected to double over the next twenty years. Learn how providers can improve mental health among aging Americans, and how MediSked can help.

Improving Whole Person Health

A Simple Way to Improve Whole Person Health

Recent scientific research indicates that spending time in nature can improve cognitive ability, overall happiness, and other measures of mental health.

DEI Ideas for a Small Budget

DEI Ideas for a Small Budget

In the non-profit and small business space, it can feel like there isn’t budget available to make DEI initiatives happen. Today we are sharing tips that you can implement at no or low cost to help you on your DEI journey.

Medicare & Medicaid 57 Year Anniversary - MediSked

Medicare and Medicaid 101

Both Medicare and Medicaid are important programs that allow individuals who cannot or would not have private insurance to maintain coverage for lifesaving medical services. Cheers to 57 years!

Older Americans Month Caregiver Perspectives with MediSked Director of Quality Brenda Harvey

Caregiver Perspectives

MediSked Director of Quality Brenda Harvey volunteered to share her story as a tribute to her father and other older Americans.

An image of an individual next to the words "Jake's Story" and a banner that says "DD Awareness Month", with a spotlight graphic shining down on the words.

DD Awareness Month: Jake’s Story

Jake Plue, a proud self-advocate who is deeply embedded in his community in North Carolina, shares his story and provides tips for others on expanding life and activities in the community.

Illustration of a person sitting in a wheelchair with a guitar at a computer with 4 people video chatting. Also contains a headshot of Lee Iannone with the words "One year into the pandemic: culture and engagement specialist Lee Iannone looks back" with the MediSked logo.

Reflections of a Year at Home

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 global pandemic, MediSked Culture and Engagement Specialist Lee Iannone looks back at the past year’s challenges and advantages.