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Increase Choice, Voice, Communication, & Collaboration

Person-centered platform empowering individuals and their circles of support with vital information, decision-making tools, and team communications.

Illustration of a young individual with an adult mentor. They are seated at a table, looking at a tablet.

Manage Services & Budgets

  • View Providers and Services
  • Review, Approve, or Reject Detailed Service Notes
  • Track & Monitor Budgets
Illustration of a care manager holding a tablet conducting an assessment with an individual and his mother. Individual is sitting on the couch talking to the care manager, with his mother sitting next to him.

Documents, Forms, & Messaging

  • View, Create & Complete Documents & Forms
  • View and Sort Completed Assessments
  • View and Post Messages across Teams
Illustration of a group of six people celebrating, some with assistive devices, and some have medals. One is waving.

Access Management

  • Set Individual User Access for Every Member of the Circle of Support
  • Limit PHI by User Roles & Modules
  • Multi-factor Authentication Options for Enhanced Security

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Increase Visibility & Access For the Individual

MediSked Portal centralizes information in one place and allows the individual to make specific decisions about who can view and act on their behalf. When combined with MediSked Connect, Portal puts the individual at the center of their care and empowers them with tools and resources. Circles of Support are engaged and have access determined by the individual.

  • Track & Monitor Budgets and Add Expenses: View total remaining percentage of budgets and a breakdown of expense categories and remaining amounts.
  • Plans: View Active Plan Start/End Dates.
  • Security: Various Multi-Factor Authentication options such as: CAPTCHA, Secret Picture, and Session Timer.
  • Multi-individual Overview: Users with access to multiple individuals’ accounts will select an individual to view on login.
  • Accessibility: MediSked strives to provide a user experience consistent with Level A accessibility. 

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