Managed Care Business Intelligence Solutions

Access the bigger picture and gain transparency to foster collaboration and end the siloed isolation that prevents innovation.

Data analytics: the key to cost control

Optimize data analytics with a business intelligence solution that organizes and presents data in a way that is easy to read and share. Gain insights on quality and performance measures to create internal efficiencies and improve population health.

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Streamline operations, support care management, and amplify oversight with robust reporting and advanced analytics

MediSked’s business intelligence software solution gives organizations access to disparate data sources and provides advanced analytics and reporting capabilities for improved program oversight. 


  • Monitor and achieve critical business goals with actionable data and key performance indicators. 
  • Integrate claims and clinical data to analyze quality and address population health needs.
  • Automate data acquisition from EHRs to centralize calculation, comparison, reporting, and population level measurements.
Data Analytics
Managed Care Business Intelligence Solutions​

Centralize, integrate, and improve outcomes

Save time, improve communication, and promote organization, enhancing cost control. Improve population health with insights gained from quality and performance measures. Assess and enhance quality using a variety of standard, self-service, and custom reports. Join and query datasets, apply filter logic, and create visual analyses for tailored insights.

How it works: What MediSked’s Business Intelligence solution can do for you​

MediSked Connect Exchange is designed as a Data Repository and Business Intelligence platform. It is the interface engine that enables organizations to exchange data with the necessary external entities and powers interoperability efforts. With Connect Exchange, the required critical information for case management and waiver management, including claims data, provider data, assessment data, and eligibility/waiver status data will be available throughout the solution suite for advanced reporting, allowing oversight agencies to monitor progress, risk, and change over time, as well as conducting regular and detailed oversight of the waiver waitlist and individuals’ status. 

All this data can be fed into MediSked Coordinate, where it can be used to power daily case management activities. For example, when an individual on the waitlist becomes active, their case information will flow into Coordinate and can be used to kick off workflows related to assessments and care planning. Connect Exchange also offers a dashboard module, allowing users, including providers, to see key performance metrics, updated in real time, at a glance.

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Improve Lives & Promote Better Care