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MediSked is passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated to delivering comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to support clients within the Home and Community Based Services industry with an integrated, person-centered technology model. Our products and services are informed by our clients and experience, as well as a decades-deep involvement in the long-term services and supports sector with clients across a range of Medicaid waiver delivery models and programs.

The Leading Brand in Holistic Solutions

MediSked’s feature-rich software solutions are easy to integrate and highly configurable, yet simple enough for any client working with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (IDD), Behavioral Health (BH), Aging, Substance Use Disorder (SUD), and Brain Injury (BI) populations to use on a daily basis. Learn more about how we help drive efficiencies and innovations for human services organizations that support our communities.

Named Top Population Health Management Solution of 2021 & 2022

MediSked was named as one of the Top 10 Population Health Management Solution Companies of 2022 by Medhealth Outlook, and of 2021 by Healthcare Tech Outlook.

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Solutions Beyond Software

Care Coordination & Payers

Centralize care management, quality, and reporting with tools that make every task from assessment & planning to billing & reconciliation easy and efficient. 

Provider Agencies

Person-centered agency management tools that transform service delivery from scheduling & billing to individual plans, reporting, & documentation, and claims submission & reconcillation.

Government & Oversight

Modular, interoperable solutions that support government and oversight agency objectives for care management, population health, and reporting & analytics.

Powerful Tools to Promote Better Care

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Centralize care management processes from assessment through planning, authorizations & budgets, documents & forms to claims & billing.

MediSked Connect logo

Streamline information and service delivery to create efficiencies and improve outcomes across provider agencies.

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Reporting, population health tracking, surveys, and record management in a central location that provides integration and data warehouse capabilities. ​

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Empowers individuals and their circles of support with vital information, decision-making, and team communications tools.