Tag: Health & Human Services Technology

Quality Measures with Sr. Product Manager Dan Sharp

Using Data to Improve Quality

MediSked Sr. Product Manager Dan Sharp shares the importance of quality in the HCBS/LTSS industry and how to improve it.

Modular Accessibility with UX Supervisor Danielle Bonanni

Modular Accessibility for All Users

MediSked User Experience Supervisor Danielle Bonanni shares a few of the ways that MediSked has been ensuring accessibility is included into modular functionality as a part of our standard practice.

Simple blue Blog Image of Solarwinds Malware Attack

SolarWinds Sunburst Malware Attack – What You Need To Know

Fortunately, none of MediSked’s systems or software were impacted, but this highlights the importance of keeping all system software updated, using threat intelligence sources, active monitoring of your network with Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) systems, and ensuring that users regularly update passwords.