MediSked’s Unique Approach: Using Adult Learning Theory in Implementations

MediSked Implementation Consultants coordinate with health and human services organizations to provide a smooth implementation into new or enhanced software needs. Our consultants take the time to understand an organization’s measures for success and work with clients to optimize efficiencies, provide recommendations for best practices.

MediSked’s Implementation Team has a total of more than 50 years of training experience, an impressive feat! We understand that the priority of your agency is to support an individual and their successes. Our goal is to optimize your time – we make the implementation process as natural and engaging as possible to drive home learning quickly and efficiently, and to turn your team into Subject Matter Experts.

What is Adult Learning Theory?

Adult learning theory (andragogy) has been studied and documented for more than 200 years (Rosen, 2020). In layperson’s terms, andragogy is a systemic way of approaching training including developing subject matter expertise (SME), a quiz or test, and knowledge demonstrations. One of the key concepts to recognize is that everyone learns differently

 Let’s explore how MediSked’s Implementation Consultants apply this knowledge. 

Adult Learning Styles and MediSked’s Application

Constructivist Approach

  • Allows learners to be active in the process of building meaningful knowledge rather than passively receiving information
    • Using memorable stories and situations to help build case studies for our trainings
    • Activities to live practice in Sandbox environments
      • Sandbox environments are isolated testing environments for users to run programs, make edits, and basically pressure test the system

Collaborative Learning

  • An educational approach that involves groups of learners working together to solve a problem or create a task
    • We utilize Breakout Rooms with large group trainings
      • Provide an opportunity for teach back sessions on complicated topics
        • Demonstrate the team’s knowledge to each other
      • Encourage discussion on a smaller scale
        • Questions that people normally wouldn’t ask in front of a big group are easier to broach in this environment

Integrative Approach

  • We provide learners with an environment to help them with making connections across their learning journey
    • Give employees a platform to create connections in day-to-day processes
    • Focus is on retrieval of learned information
      • We help learners make connections to understand why we operate in the system the way we do

A smooth implementation is critical to the adoption of new technologies. We invest the time to get to know your project team and curate our training style to incorporate something for each type of adult learner. Our goals are to make training memorable, fun, and impactful. We look forward to working with your team and developing them into MediSked Subject Matter Experts!

Rhiannon Kulwicki

Rhiannon Kulwicki is an Implementation Consultant with MediSked. She has over 20 years of experience in training and global project management. Rhiannon and the Implementation Team have played an integral role in the successful implementation of MediSked’s suite of products in the North Carolina Medicaid Transformation. Outside of work, she enjoys reading and attending book club with her friends, walking her dog Obi-Wan (Bennie), and traveling to sunny, sandy places with her husband.

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