Choosing a Technology Partner in a Statewide Medicaid Transformation

Choosing a Technology Partner in a Statewide Medicaid Transformation

In many ways, finding a technology partner during a statewide Medicaid transformation is a lot like dating. You’re looking for a healthy long-term relationship where all parties benefit and the partnership makes both stronger. It’s important to know what you’re looking for and be able to collaborate effectively to make the best choice for your organization.

While there are more than five considerations in determining what software vendor to go with during a statewide transformation, here are five key aspects of the right partnership you should be looking for:

  1. Alignment – Your vendor should understand you as a business and the nuances of the work you do. They should understand your competition, your needs, your must-haves and clearly articulate how their platform will amplify your success. This requires clear and open communication on both sides – both you and the vendor need to be transparent and honest about what you expect out of the relationship and out of the platform to ensure a good fit.
  2. Reputation – Every company has to start somewhere, but your target technology partner should already have a reputation for excellence, reliability, and experience in your field. MediSked has been the trusted technology partner in two state Medicaid transformations and has 20 years of experience supporting organizations in the health and human services space.
  3. Expertise – Your technology partner should be more than just a software vendor – they should provide thoughtful recommendations based on other projects they’ve completed in the past (and let’s be fair – have learned and grown from some that have been less successful). They know what questions to ask and how they can help you. At MediSked, we pride ourselves on our consultative approach – we’ll ensure that your technology meets your organization’s specific needs.
  4. Trust – Will you still feel like a valued client after the project is complete? Does this vendor see your relationship as an ongoing partnership or a one-time transaction? Will you be able to count on them to help you when you need it and will they grow with you, or will you outgrow them?
  5. Cost – There’s a saying that goes, ‘Good, fast, cheap: pick two’ that also holds true in software. Your cost is more than just the monthly fee you pay to access the system. Are there one-time fees you will need to pay? Will your package include ongoing support, training, and updates? You often will get what you pay for, so clearly understand what value you get for your money to make sure it’s right for your organization!

With these factors in mind, both you and your prospective technology partner can create a powerful relationship that will benefit you, your vendor, and the individuals you support for years to come!

If you’re currently looking for a technology partner that you can count on to meet all of these needs, request a demo to learn more about MediSked’s solutions today!

Mandy Carlino

Jackie Beiter

Jackie Beiter, Product Manager II at MediSked by CaseWorthy, joined the company in 2019. Prior to her role in Product, she’s also worked in Customer Support and Software Testing and uses these experiences to build impactful solutions to improve care and outcomes for individuals supported by the organizations using MediSked’s platforms.

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