Harnessing Expertise for Success: MediSked’s Client Services Team as Your Implementation Partner

Harnessing Expertise for Success: MediSked's Client Services Team as Your Implementation Partner

Have you ever found yourself wandering the aisles of a store looking for assistance? How about calling a company for questions while assembling a purchase, and finding that you can’t get help on the other end? Can you imagine purchasing a home without the expertise of a team of realtors, lawyers, and brokers?

MediSked knows that implementing a technology solution at your organization is a large and important decision. The Client Services team consists of dedicated experts here to help every step of the way. Here are three ways MediSked’s Client Services team can ensure your implementation is smooth, successful, and stress-free:

1. Project Management

MediSked employs project management professionals whose sole focus is the successful completion of your implementation. Best practices are utilized through every phase of the project to ensure your team is informed and delighted. You’ll never wonder what’s coming next or what MediSked is working on, and more importantly, you’ll always know when the solution will be delivered.

Here are some examples of up-to-date documentation you can expect from your MediSked PM:

  • Project Plan(s)
  • Work Breakdown Structures
  • Risk Management Plans
  • Communication Plans
  • Change Management Documentation

2. Consultative Approach

Your organization will have easy access to dedicated implementation and business consultants, who will work tirelessly to understand your business processes and needs. The consultant team will meet with you regularly and is always available to answer questions or jump on a call for an ad hoc training. They’ll work with you pre- and post-sale all the way to completion so that everyone is always on the same page.

Whether a state-mandated assessment or a custom interface for electronic visit verification, MediSked’s consultants will work closely with your organization to ensure the solution is exactly what you need.

3. Expertise and Lessons Learned

Perhaps most importantly, MediSked’s Client Services team consists of experts in our field. MediSked has been providing best-in-class solutions for 20 years, and the average tenure of the Project Managers, Implementation Consultants, and Business Consultants on the Client Services team is over five years. After every project, large and small, MediSked captures and documents all lessons learned, and applies them to the next opportunity. This means your agency will benefit from years of experience across the board.

MediSked’s solutions are cutting edge and best-in-class. Beyond that, what sets MediSked apart is its experienced and professional Client Services organization. When you partner with MediSked, you’ll never be left high and dry, wondering what the project status is or how something works – the answers will all be right there at your fingertips.

Mandy Carlino

Mandy Carlino

Mandy Carlino is the Associate Director, Client Projects. She has worked at MediSked, a CaseWorthy Company, for nine years. She is passionate about value delivery and delighting customers.

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