DEI Ideas for a Small Budget

DEI Ideas for a Small Budget

In the non-profit and small business space, it can feel like there isn’t budget available to make DEI initiatives happen. Today we are sharing tips that you can implement at no or low cost to help you on your DEI journey.

Health Information Exchange

Health Information Exchange 101

Health Information Exchange (HIE) is the movement of health care information electronically across organizations within a state, region, community, or hospital system. HIEs are also organizations that facilitate information exchange.

An image of an individual next to the words "Jake's Story" and a banner that says "DD Awareness Month", with a spotlight graphic shining down on the words.

DD Awareness Month: Jake’s Story

Jake Plue, a proud self-advocate who is deeply embedded in his community in North Carolina, shares his story and provides tips for others on expanding life and activities in the community.