Improved Immunization Tracking and Reporting Features Provide Insight into Individual and Employee Vaccine Information

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Vaccinations for COVID-19 were developed and approved in record time in response to the global pandemic that emerged in 2020. Just as quickly, there was a need to track and report on the delivery of those vaccines to individuals who receive home and community-based services, as well as the staff that supports those individuals. MediSked Connect, serving provider agencies across the United States, needed a fast and easy way to record, track and report on those immunization efforts for our clients.

Over the past month, we have rolled out our enhanced capabilities to track all immunizations through a new Connect Immunization Tracking Module. These industry-leading, clinical-quality capabilities are designed to both support the immediate needs of the COVID-19 pandemic and the long-term goal of agencies to track and report on all immunizations for the individuals they support. The long-term benefit to MediSked clients will be even more evident as reimbursement models increasingly promote value-based payment methodologies in the long-term services and supports industry.

The Connect Immunization Module is easy to use and offers many options to add important information for both individual and employee immunization tracking. Key information such as the date, dose number, manufacturer, and site of vaccination can be recorded. Notes can be added in a free text field and attachments can be uploaded directly to the immunization record. Connect can also record if the vaccine is not given as planned or if the individual refuses the vaccine with similar, detailed information logged.

Reporting features are robust and will help our provider agency clients understand information across their population. A special COVID-19 Registry Report includes the currently approved vaccines, start and end date of the vaccination series, age of recipient, etc. The report can be generated for individuals or employees associated with that provider agency. Graphs, charts, and tables can also provide a view of the progress of the immunization series, status of immunizations, refusals and more. There is also a report on all immunizations captured through MediSked Connect which can include flu shots and any other CDC-approved immunizations.

These updated immunization features were designed with the urgent needs of MediSked clients in mind, and with the understanding that many state and local governments may want a variety of information tracked and reported. We will continue to collect feedback from our users to enhance these capabilities and ensure that we are meeting the needs of MediSked clients, as well as the rapidly changing healthcare dynamics in our country.

Sean Murray

Sean Murray

Sean Murray, MediSked Connect Product Manager, has worked at MediSked for the past four years, applying leading-edge technology solutions to product development. He has 12 years of product management experience. Sean’s primary focus at MediSked is the Provider line of business where he collaborates across teams to deliver industry-leading features, understand regulatory changes, and respond to the needs of MediSked clients.

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