MediSked Launches Immunization Module to Support the Roll-Out of COVID Vaccines Across the US

MediSked LLC, a leading national health and human services technology provider, announced today that the MediSked Connect platform has added a new module to easily record, track and report on immunizations, such as the vaccines approved for the COVID-19. The new, industry-leading capabilities will enable provider agencies to track dosage and other key information as the roll-out of COVID-19 immunizations continues in states across the country.

MediSked Connect has added functionality for provider agency staff to easily add new immunizations to an individual’s record. Key information such as the date, dose number, manufacturer and site are included in the entry. Notes can be added in a free text field and attachments can be uploaded directly to the immunization record. The platform also has the capacity to record if the vaccine is not given as planned or if the individual refuses the vaccine with similar, detailed information logged.

There are options to sort and filter immunization information within the platform, as well as to export to Excel. All active CDC immunizations are offered within Connect as options, including flu vaccinations, to provide a holistic picture of the individual’s record for inoculations. Added reporting capabilities will be released by the end of January, which will offer a COVID-19 immunization registry to help agencies better understand the status of immunizations at the population-level.

MediSked Connect clients may have individuals who have already received their vaccines and those records will need to be added to the new immunization module in Connect. MediSked Support will assist clients with an upload for vaccines delivered to date. Clients can log in to their Support Portal for more information and to arrange an upload.

In February, MediSked will add capabilities to the Immunization Module for provider agencies to record, track and report on immunizations for their employees. This feature will be similar to the individual tracking available now. At that time, MediSked Support will also offer to assist agencies with an upload for vaccines delivered to date to their employee population.

About MediSked

MediSked is the leading brand in holistic solutions that improves lives, drives efficiencies, and generates innovations for health and human service organizations that support our community. MediSked solutions combine to provide innovative, person-centered technology that improves outcomes and quality, while reducing costs for individuals receiving home and community based services and long-term services and supports through government & oversight, care coordination/payer and provider agencies. MediSked has supported clients across the United States for 18 years and is number 1068 on the 2020 list of Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies.