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The Arc of North Carolina has been proudly providing advocacy and services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1953. With offices across the state, The Arc of NC has a broad reach, with 729 employees supporting over 3,215 individuals.

The Arc of North Carolina has been using MediSked Connect to generate efficiencies, drive innovations, and improve lives since 2013. The Arc pulls frequent reports for funders, grants, quality improvement projects, annual reports, advocacy, demographics, and cultural competency efforts.

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“MediSked Connect is a database for everything we do – so we can easily pull information on anything we need, whenever we need it. I enjoy the system's flow of information. This comprehensive system allows for accessing general information or specific information with ease. In particular, the query builder is super easy to use, I love it.”
Liz Boltz
Liz Boltz
Director of Quality Management and Compliance at The Arc of North Carolina
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Quality Reporting Made Easy

For their guardianship grant, The Arc of North Carolina must report quarterly on a myriad of fields like admission and change in guardianship status such as, successor or limited guardianship.

To streamline the process, Liz Boltz, Director of Quality Management and Compliance, created and saved a unique report with MediSked Connect’s robust query builder. The builder allows customization of fields, so the report includes the specific titles that the guardianship director needs for the grant.

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Finding Efficiencies

Liz also developed a standard procedure so that all credentialing documents for employees are maintained in their More Information Page on MediSked Connect.  This is the information needed for audits, previously stored in paper files.

“These became very large files for some employees, as much of the info is updated annually.  Also, it was hard to manage and monitor. So, it’s now stored with our MediSked platform,” said Liz.

I created custom fields and we can query the information.  We have access to it across the state.  So far it is working fantastic!  Wish we would have thought of this a few years ago!


Insights for Best Practice

 Liz is a MediSked Connect super user and a master of reporting within Connect who regularly refers to the platform as a “data paradise.” 

Here are her tips for maximizing use of the reporting engine to highlight the value and quality of the services an agency provides.

  • Your reports are only as good as the data you have. You must ensure that staff are properly entering information.
  • It is vital to include training for new staff on how to use MediSked Connect for their duties.
  • Establish processes early for management upkeep.
  • When in doubt, send emails directly to users who aren’t correctly inputting information. Your reports are only as good as the data being entered into the system.
  • Create and save your own customized reports with the query builder to streamline the reporting process.

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