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Cybersecurity Toolkit

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Toolkit

This Cybersecurity Awareness Month, MediSked is providing a one-stop-shop resource center for tips to keep you and your company safe in the digital world.

The MediSked Podcast

Episode 7: What to Expect in Software Implementation & Support

In this episode, two members of MediSked’s Client Services team discuss the software implementation experience within the health and human services industry as well as the transition to support services after implementation. 

The MediSked Podcast

Episode 5: Billing is Thrilling

In this episode, MediSked’s Billing & EDI Analyst Kristy Love answers questions about healthcare billing, covering topics such as EVV, Medicaid MCOs, and automation. 

Interoperability 101: What You Need to Know in Kansas

During this session, the presenter defines interoperability and its many benefits, and provides use cases to demonstrate interoperability in LTSS (and specifically in Kansas). This presentation was first given at the Power Up! Interhab Conference in October 2021.

The MediSked Podcast

Episode 3: Cyber Security Awareness

Panelists from MediSked’s Cyber Security team tell stories about security breaches they’ve witnessed and shares how to keep your information safe.

Emerging from COVID-19: Panel on Using Data to Transform Whole Person Services and Supports

Emerging from COVID-19: Panel on Using Data to Transform Whole Person Services & Supports

During this session, presenters from provider agencies share data and stories from the public health emergency. Particular attention is paid to COVID-19 immunizations for the I/DD population based on geography, age, type of disability, residential setting, and timeliness from each state’s phased priority dates for people with disabilities.

The MediSked Podcast

Episode 2: One of Those Days

MediSked Project Manager Jeff Clair discusses the requirements you should consider when seeking a software vendor.