Connect Agency Management Platform


Billing in MediSked ConnectWith over 800 payers linked to Connect, billing electronically has never been easier for providers!  The Billing Section manages the entire life cycle of an agency’s claim process and all of the multiple payer information. It allows for unparalleled transparency into every claim at every stage to effectively manage and speed up the reimbursement process with error free claims. And because services are completed off the schedule and service notes are stored and approved through the internal auditing module, HIPAA certified billing is generated instantly.

  • Billing based on completed work from the schedule. Once service notes have been received (either through employees online or through the office), payroll and billing can be completed in seconds, significantly reducing time and labor costs. You cannot submit claims / invoices until service is delivered ensuring accuracy for auditors and payers. And there’s no need to maintain and manually re-enter separate spreadsheets for billing. It’s all handled in the system, creating an environment for error free claims.  You have flexibility in the rate structure in conjunction with the schedule to bill hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.  You also have the ability to manage bill rates and bill rate differentials.
  • Billing Claim Lifecycle Management. Manage your accounts receivable like never before. The billing module allows you to track payment for all the services for which you bill. You can automatically track and reconcile claims that have been submitted, paid or not paid. You will receive electronic remittances with detailed reasons for denial and the ability for prompt rebilling without ever losing track of your claims. You can also track payments from different payees and run different analysis based on each payee. Ultimately, you will be able to bill more frequently and shorten your payment cycle for better, more reliable cash flow.
  • HIPAA 5010 compliant electronic billing. What does HIPAA 5010 Compliant Electronic Billing mean?
    • Never lose track of payment on a claim / invoice
    • Consistent and accurate data integrity
    • Save time by submitting multiple claims / invoices at once
    • Detailed reporting by client, employee, service, location, date or group for better financial decision making and communication
    • Bill services hourly, per unit, daily, monthly and per mile
    • Automatically choose revenue code
    • Posted electronic remittances

MediSked Billing
Also includes…

    • HIPAA 270/271 – Health care eligibility, coverage or benefit info
    • HIPAA 276/277 – Health care claim status check / notification
    • HIPAA 837/835 – Health Care Claim / Payment Advice


  • Check Client Eligibilities. Batch eligibility requests show the statuses of each client and enable you to be aware of eligibility issues prior to billing. These can be performed at any time. Receive notification if client’s eligibility, coding, spend down, or other has expired prior to billing.
  • Billing Interface Integrations. Comes standard with enterprise G/L accounting systems integration. Paper claims and additional billing interfaces (including QuickBooks) are also available.
  • Manage rounded hours. Hours that have been rounded down or up for billing purposes are automatically tracked and easily applied to future claims so that these partial hours are not lost. With per unit billing, rounded time is recorded and easily applied to future claims
  • Generate custom invoices.  Some of your claims may not be able to be billed electronically (ex. private pay, school district, etc).  You have the ability to generate custom invoices, complete with your logo on them, right from the system.
  • Comprehensive Reporting. Breakdown your revenue over any time period by client, service, status (paid, not paid, etc) or total. You can also perform any Excel operations on any of the information including sorting, filtering, and subtotals. Easily see projected and actual revenue.  Run and view pre-claim reports, claim maintenance reports and track historical billing rates.



  • “Billing is much more manageable.”
  • “It helped me because now we don’t have any conflicts in service and billing. Everything is in a neat package. It removes the human error.”