Connect Agency Management Platform

Collaborative Messaging

MediSked ArrowsThe Collaborative Messaging section sets a workflow and document tracking structure, ensuring compliance and communication between departments at all times. Collaborative messaging works throughout the platform and sets priorities and responsibilities to employees for specific documents as they work their way through the system.

  • Discussion groups and collaborative white boards. Foster communication between staff and clinical teams through a variety of inter-system means.
  • Convert any document into a digital template. Take all of your paper forms and documents that your staff is used to working with and create templates to put those documents in a format online; then complete, retrieve and track documents instantly. Looking for a better form than you’re currently using? Connect also comes with industry standard templates in case you are not satisfied with your current forms and documents.
  • Document Tracking. Assign documents and tasks directly to employees and track reports that are assigned, completed and overdue. Employees are reminded immediately of the documents assigned to them upon logging in. They will know exactly what is due and when.
  • Built-in Quality Assurance. Requires all notes to be audited for accuracy. Eliminate erroneous claims. Internal auditing module adds extra verification prior to billing for improved quality assurance and control
  • Employee Management. View immediately who you have and have not received service notes from. Use document tracking to view and assign different reports that you would like completed by your employees. Both you and them will know exactly what is expected and when.

MediSked Messaging


  • “Document tracking is actually the process of assigning tasks”
  • “Document tracking allows us to be more proactive, stay on top of stuff”
  • “Audits, fines associated with missing paper. If you have an extremely organized system you mitigate that risk.”
  • “MediSked Connect Ensures compliance and thoroughness”
  • “We are no longer concerned with what happens to that piece of paper, has it been reviewed? Is it in the right spot??”
  • “We can communicate internally from one program to another about a client”
  • “The organization of information in Connect is amazing!”