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HR Payroll

MediSked Payroll The HR/Payroll Section accurately manages services, pay rates, and hours for employees as they are linked to the Schedule module. Payroll data is easily exported to your payroll provider. You can also track trainings, employee performance and run exclusion checks. While MediSked Connect does NOT replace your payroll provider, it works in tandem with most payroll and benefits software,. MediSked Connect tracks and manages all of the employee data necessary to report to your payroll provider.

  • Employee hours are linked to billable shifts. As services are completed off schedule, payroll is instantly calculated.
  • Payroll Hour Reconciliation. Match target hours to actual hours accomplished by employee. Once the hours have been completed for the week both payroll and billing can be totaled in seconds. Claims are broken down in standard payroll and Medicaid formats
  • Overtime reports. Help management optimize employee resources
  • Task Completion. Require employees to submit service notes prior to processing payroll
  • Export payroll files to almost any payroll system. Payroll hours are calculated automatically and can be exported into many payroll programs. Vacation, sick time and paid training hours can be easily tracked.
  • Reporting. Breakdown payroll hours by employee, service performed or total hours. Sorting, filtering and subtotal operations can also be performed on this info.

MediSked Connect Payroll


  • “Systems in MediSked Connect help track things in HR. It serves as a reporting mechanism for staff behavior.”
  • “We work with up to 8 pay rates per employee. It’s a breeze tracking that in MediSked Connect.”