Connect Agency Management Platform

My MediSked

The My MediSked Section a place to view and check for everything that’s on your plate. It centralizes caseload information, configures alerts and controls your contact information.

  • Highly configurable alerts for:
    • Demographic and caseload changes
    • Plan assignment and due dates
    • Service note completion and audit revisions
    • Scheduling
    • Document/task tracking
    • Billing
    • Payroll Hours, including overtime
  • Caseload Management. View the client information in your caseloads and communicate with other staff members on caseload specific whiteboards. You can also communicate with other staff members regarding a shared client in the caseload alert notification.
  • Preferences Management. Control your login, PIN, and contact preferences. Make MediSked personalized to you.
  • Help/Feedback . Access all help tools such as users manuals and admin manuals and provide direct feedback to MediSked through this portal.



  • “I love the fact that I can alert a staff member in another program regarding a shared client if they are having a bad day or something happened. The heads up notice makes us better prepared to work effectively with our clients.”