Connect Agency Management Platform

People and Services

The People and Services section allows you to manage, add and change information for all of your clients, employees, services and locations. Access and report on this information anywhere, including at the point of care.

  • Fully customizable information pages for clients, employees, and services. These pages can be used to display hundreds of industry standard fields including demographics, insurance information, medical, allergy & immunization information, emergency contact info or even directions to a client house.
  • Create unduplicated client lists with rich client data. This also provides the ability to forecast capacity at your agency.
  • Generate ad-hoc or saved reports. Create reports using any of the fields in the client, employee and service pages using MediSked’s Query Builder
  • View saved information about any client, employee or service. This section offers a one stop shop for all track able information for your entire agency
  • Create Groups. Use “Grouping” to allow for breakdowns of your entire agency into functional groups that can be used in all areas of the program. You can group people as to skill level, specialty or region to name a few.
  • Automatically match qualified employees with clients. Guarantee that clients only receive services that they are allowed to receive and employees only perform services for which they are qualified to perform.


  • “We have access to make better decisions. On every visit you have the ability to glance at the clients and learn how to work with them specifically based on their More Information Page.”