Connect Agency Management Platform


MediSked NotebookThe Planning Section manages all aspects of your clients’ goal or care plans and determines the services, locations and employees that the system will work with to carry them out. Approve and lock plans in this section and monitor the progress of the plans through outcomes reporting and also from a funding utilization standpoint.

  • Integrated client plans linked directly to service notes. Ensures proper documentation prior to billing and that the content and quality of services delivered meets regulations
  • Planning / Allowed Hours Tracking. Store information on a service plan’s start date and end date for each service as well as the amount of hours available in that plan. With a push of a button you can tell you if you are going to go over or under plan hours allotted. This enables you to maximize all of the service units allowed to be scheduled without exceeding allowable level of care.
  • Electronic storage. Eliminate paperwork and confusion by storing and centralizing detailed plans, service reports and other necessary documentation and making it accessible instantly
  • Current Plans Summary and Expirations. Determine and adjust when client schedules are not on target for approved service levels. Keep plans up to date by monitoring review and expiration dates.
  • Security and Authorization. Service plans can be set up to be approved and then locked, ensuring the integrity of the plan throughout its period of activity.
  • Detailed plan checklists. Enable accurate tracking and monitoring of goals, milestones and interventions achieved. Ensure field staff are working towards progress with prescribed goals/activities
  • Rich history of past service delivery. This includes schedules, documentation, and service notes to ensure that you meet approved hours and units.
  • Adjust the level of service and goals based on documented past service outcomes. Use the historical data collected to make better decisions on future plans.
  • Plan Reports.  Reports for planned hours, base v. non-base hours, complete plan service reporting, average daily summaries, monthly summaries – to name a few!



  • “I like the View Plan area because you can see how many times goals were worked on, see what was worked on for the week.”
  • “Seeing the More Information Page, considerations, notes and medications all help to create a better plan.”