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MediSked ScheduleThe Scheduling / Notes section combines and optimizes all of the plan, client, employee, service and location information. MediSked Connect tracks appointments and scheduled services for both clients and employees, in addition to the changes that take place each day. From here, efficiencies in scheduling and delivering service are achieved. This section also captures service note information from your field staff and matches it to the scheduled job or appointment. This ensures proper documentation for all services and creates the information necessary to bill your claims and track your payroll.


Schedule with MediSkedSchedule

  • Conflict free scheduling. Ensures qualified and available employees are matched to clients authorized to receive appropriate levels of service.
    • Avoid the expense of sending multiple employees to the same shift
    • Find qualified and available employees immediately, avoiding multiple phone calls and messages
    • Only qualified employees are able to be scheduled to serve clients
    • Decrease no call/no show through careful tracking and clear communication of schedules
  • Integrated client plans linked directly to service notes. The scheduling module comes with a quality assurance layer to ensure proper documentation based on plan requirements prior to billing. You have the ability to retrieve notes for external and internal auditors in seconds.
  • Link to Billing Module. Schedules will guarantee that your billing and payroll hours always match. In fact, you can even track non-billable employee time to find ways to minimize it and the schedule can be adjusted to optimize the billed hours for each client. You will also drastically reduce billing and payroll errors by requiring management approval for schedule changes
  • Comprehensive utilization reports for clients, employees, and services. View the most over and under-utilized plans and make adjustments to maximize revenue for each plan.
  • Centralized Point of Information. Client schedules, goal plans, service notes and demographics are all linked to the schedule and available online in one central location.
  • Transparency through the schedule. Employees are able to view their own schedules and clients, depending on their access level. Along with grouping and the ability to view the schedule as a chart, this can provide extensive information on the day-to-day operations of your agency. Also you have the ability to have agency wide access to posted open shifts.
  • Reporting Services with Schedule Data. Report all activities in a given period of time per client, per program or employee. It allows you to know exactly how many hours have been scheduled and completed for each employee or client for any given time period. Track who may be scheduled for overtime in an upcoming week to prevent these costs

Schedule DD Services


  • Service notes can be completed online. This enables access to critical, client specific information and service specific information, including customizable detailed plans
  • Permanent Storage. Notes stored permanently and are instantly searchable and retrievable
  • Service Notes linked to plan. Client and service specific detailed plans appear automatically when entering notes, ensuring that progress is constantly being made towards client goals.

As notes are completed and plan specific interventions are attempted, reporting functions instantly summarize results and progress. This supports the justification of their service level when you can show how the scheduled sessions are working towards the client’s overall goal.

  • Internal Audit Functionality. Internal auditing module ensures that notes are approved before moving to billing. Only services with completed notes in hand can be billed.
  • Vitals Tracking. Allows employees to record client vitals on an encounter to encounter basis.
  • Searchable. Searchable Service notes means you can search for a key word or date or anything that is documented in a service note and it will bring up all notes that have the searchable variable in it.
  • Digital Signatures. Employees can complete and submit their service notes electronically, minimizing paperwork and storage space. Documentation is stored electronically for access during audits.

DD Services Scheduler



  • “You can view individual tasks with a client and see which ones they are doing better at and more of.”
  • “Field staff note requirements are real easy, you just check the boxes on the things you did.”
  • “In a paper system you can’t see how everyone else’s schedule affects one another.”
  • “With paper, the staff wasn’t held accountable. It’s more transparent now.”
  • “Allows staff to see the bigger picture, see how their work and notes achieve greater goals.”
  • “Our staff has better management of their hours and time.”