How it Works: Cloud Based Software for Provider Agencies

MediSked Connect is your connected agency. It is the single solution to bring all of your departments together in one place, through a workflow that make sense with your agency. For you, everything revolves around the individuals you work with. The same can be said for how MediSked digitally connects all of your information. It revolves around the individuals and their plans of care.

MediSked is hosted as a cloud based solution. This means that you are accessing the system from an internet browser. It’s an opportunity for agencies to improve care to their clients, protect their privacy and avoid costs and risks involved with implementing expensive technology hardware. With a cloud computing solution, employees across your agency can collaborate in real time and share information. It provides a centralized platform to access reports, manage employees, track documents, bill and track reimbursements and much more. It also eliminates the risks of having client data open and exposed in paper formats that, right now, can easily be misplaced or seen by people that do not have permission to view such information. Cloud computing is also beneficial to a mobile staff that works from remote locations. A smartphone, tablet or laptop is all that is necessary in order to view important client information and log service notes while at a remote location.

Security is always a concern when your data is being hosted on-line, especially if it is Protected Health Information. At MediSked, we take online security extremely serious. When our customers go on line to their MediSked site, they are entering a site with all of the same safeguards and protections that they would encounter when they bank on-line. Privacy is also a concern as your agency contains sensitive information that needs to be centralized on line but not shared with everyone. With Role Based authentication, users in our platform are limited to see only the information that’s required in order for them to carry out their duties. MediSked is HIPAA and HI-TECH compliant, adhering to the highest standards of privacy and security.


What does cloud based mean?  Check out this blog post to find out more.


“Paper is just so unmanageable. We have over 250 field staff and 5,000 direct care hours a week. With MediSked, everything is accessible anywhere and it’s all in one place. You click on a button instead of filling out 60 sheets!”

Erica, Director of Personnel