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The Connect platform is with you wherever your home and community based services take place with Connect Mobile.  Connect Mobile is a light version of the full connect platform designed for smartphones.  A mobile site, not app, Connect Mobile will work on any smartphone that has a web browser.  Being a light version ensures that little data is used on your smartphone’s data plan.

  • Check In / Check Out

Connect mobile offers direct support staff to check in and out of their shift right from their smartphones.  You can eliminate costly telephony charges and have accurate recordings of time and attendance that far surpasses a typical time sheet.  Using GPS, the location of your employee’s shift check in/check out will verify they are at the address they are assigned to be at.  You can also check in and check out clients as they enter and leave programs.  Very handy with a tablet.

  • Complete Service Notes

Your staff will not only be able to check in and out of shifts from their phone, they can also document the services they performed in real time.  The client’s service note will be available to fill out just as it is in the standard Connect version.  All of the client’s personalized goals and outcomes will be there to be checked off on.  You’ll be able to turnaround your community 1:1 shifts into billable claims much faster compared to manual methods.

  • View Plans, Emergency Contacts

Connect Mobile also offers users the ability to view their plan and any emergency contacts, information, or protective oversight plans.  This is very helpful in case an emergency does arise during a shift.

  • Get a map and directions to your shift

Connect Mobile works with your smartphone’s map application and can provide turn by turn directions to a shift address.  No more getting lost and being late for shifts!  You also have the ability to call a client’s home phone or cell phone right from the site.

  • GPS Enabled

The mobile edition uses the phone’s GPS functionality to actually pinpoint where they were when they checked in and checked out and can cross reference the address they are supposed to be at delivering services.  This allows you as the manager to see if they checked into their shift at the location they are supposed to be at.



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