Alliance Annual Summit

We’re speaking at the 2023 Alliance Annual Summit!

How Natural Language Processing Can Be Applied for Data Analysis to Advocate for the People and Services that We Support

MediSked and The Resource Exchange (TRE) have been engaged in significant work and studies using data tools and machine learning to analyze patterns in service note documentation such as changes in health, housing, employment, circles of support other data from providers, including TRE. This will be the trend of the future, but by the end of our session today, attendees can expect to: 

  • Understand the basics of sentiment analysis and natural language processing and how it can be applied to advocacy in the human services field
  • Explore real use cases from real (de-identified) individuals and real provider agencies
  • Understand how to improve lives and outcomes through futuristic technologies
  • Learn about opportunities to use NLP to address health equity measures



Doug Golub, MIS – President, MediSked