2023 Applied Self Direction From Your Desk Conference

The 2023 Self-Direction Conference: Virtual Series will include weekly sessions throughout the spring months. By scheduling our sessions over time, attendees can participate without blocking-off extended time on their calendars or spending their whole day in front of the computer.

Our virtual series will offer the same caliber of sessions as our in-person conference with a variety of speakers including federal agencies, state programs, individuals who self-direct, and other experts in the field. In fact, our virtual series sessions include an even wider array of speakers given the flexible scheduling and ease of presenting virtually. And our favorite part- thanks to our generous sponsors, the 2023 Self-Direction Conference: Virtual Series is FREE to attend!

Sessions for the 2023 Self-Direction Conference: Virtual Series will be offered throughout the spring on Thursdays from 2-3 PM (EST). Sessions will be virtual, using a variety of different meeting platforms.

Don’t miss our on-demand session!

How Natural Language Processing Can Be Used to Improve Outcomes in Self Direction

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer just a plot device in the movies. Natural language processing (NLP) is the use of software to process, analyze, and understand written data – much like the plans and notes we collect on the people we support. This form of AI is the future of what can be harnessed in home and community-based services to extract and quantify written words and study subjective information. This session examines data from a sample of 2,200 individuals from across the country who self-direct and how NLP can be applied to see satisfaction results based on different cohorts. This will be the trend of the future.

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